Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Leap of Faith"

It was in February of 2006 that my husband, Ron and I took a leap of faith and followed our dreams to be near the beach. I realized that “you only go around once”. The key was finding the courage, staying focused, it will happen.

My primary focus is our natural environment of Delmarva. The earth is our home and we need to take note of what we have. I want to express my excitement over the incredible things I am so fortunate to encounter. I hope in some way through my art I can help promote and protect our natural wonder and the place I now call home.

Surfing is important to both me and Ron: he rides the waves, while I remain on shore, preferring my paintbrush to capture the energy of the water and the sense of “spiritual oneness” the surfers have with the waves. "Surfboards as Fine Art" is a dream come true. They make an exciting alternative to the traditional canvas because of the variety in size and shape.

My first design of an elaborate Mermaid lead me to the master craftsman and shaper Michael Hague. His boards are crafted to the highest standards. These boards are fully functional and ready to take the waves, and when not in use will greatly enhance the inside of a home or office.

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